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We invite you to take Holy Communion with us.  This experiment in making Holy Communion as broadly available as possible is based on Wesleyan and Methodist traditions, although it is not affiliated with any Wesleyan or Methodist denomination.  Communion in the Methodist tradition is open to everyone. You do not need to be a Methodist, or even a conventional believer. You do, however, need to be seeking God's love and grace. We believe that God works for good in the person and life of the communicant. The Communion table is the Lord's table -- not the table of any one religious organization.

To use this website appropriately, especially if this is your first time with us, you should take a little time to prepare yourself spiritually, theologically, and liturgically. Click the "Preparation" button for preparation guides. Prepare, then partake of God's grace. If you will allow it, God's Holy Spirit will work in you.

Our mission is to spread the Good News of God's love. How better to do this than through the most holy of Christian sacraments?

The Celebrant (the person conducting the Communion service) is Dr. Tom Madron.  If you choose to take Communion on the Web, during the service you will be referred to as the Communicant.
Prepare for Holy Communion
To make Holy Communion a transforming experience three modest preparations are needed.   If this is your first time with us, please click on
The Service of Holy Communion
Holy Communion is the sacramental center of the Christian church.  As the center of Christian worship it is desirable to take Communion frequently and constantly. 
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The vocal music was composed and performed by the Rev. Bruce Brookshire. All music and lyrics composed by Bruce Brookshire is Copyright © 2001 by Bruce Brookshire. Used here with the permission of the Rev. Brookshire.