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By registering now, and then logging in whenever you wish to take Holy Communion, we can better determine how our experiment with Holy Communion on the web is being used.  It will also allow us to communicate with you concerning new features as these are added to this website.  Our objective is to make this an authentic Christian worship experience and to provide the tools that will make this possible.  Please take a moment to read the help notes regarding this form.

One of the main benefits of registering is that you will not have to keep typing your name into form fields, such as when submitting an article to a discussion group (not yet implemented), because the web server already knows who you are. Similarly, other people can be reasonably sure that you really sent the articles and postings attributed to you, and that someone else didn't pretend to be you when posting.

After you are successfully registered, your web browser will ask you to type in your username and password the first time you try to access Holy Communion on the Web. The browser will remember this information for as long as it continues to run, so you can access any page or resource without being asked for your username and password again.

This website is under on-going development.  Future additions will include blogs and discussion groups that will allow us all to share our experiences with Holy Communion on the Web.  It is also likely that in the future you will have a choice of Communion liturgies, rather than only the one currently provided.  You may also have some suggestions about how we can enhance the worship experience using this website.  At least some enhancements are likely to need some of the information requested on the registration form.

One important item now is the ability to change your default settings for the enhanced accessibility functions, most notably the addition of text-to-speech synthesis for most of the text pages.  Providing the ability to both print and listen to pages came about as a direct result of suggestions by persons who have used this website in the past.  Sight impaired persons can now hear pages in lieu of being able to read printed pages.  If you have suggestions for enhancing this website, please contact us.

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