Change on Holy Communion on the Web

Over the past year many changes have been made on Holy Communion on the Web.

The most important change is that virtually all pages have been enhanced for the benefit of the visually impaired.  Menus now have synthesized voice prompts and most text can be heard as well as read.  In addition, the keyboard can now be used to navigate from one page to another so that the mouse should never be necessary.  For those folks with good eyesight the voice synthesis can be turned off.

Although it is not yet completed, we are working on a registration system so that we can better provide resources for those who become a regular part of this community.  It will, for example, allow a person to permanently disable the voice prompts if they are not necessary.

Over the next few months even more enhancements are in the pipeline, so come back to this page once in a while to see what additional changes are being made.